Quick Guides

The 3-A SSI Quick Guides are an easy way to find answers to many of the procedural questions related to 3-A Certification for instance, “What is 3-A Symbol?”, “How to Renew/Amend the 3-A Certificate?”, “How to Use or Display the 3-A Symbol?” These are short interactive mini-courses which are no more than 5 minutes long and are mobile-friendly. Check out the embedded screencasts and links to specific places of the 3-A website to quickly find important documentation and relevant sections of the 3-A website.

List of 3-A Quick Guides 

Application for a New 3-A Symbol Authorization

In this Quick Guide you will learn how to apply for a new 3-A Symbol or Certificate.

Introduction to the 3-A SSI Online System

This tutorial will help you navigate the new 3-A SSI online system, including creating new account, signing in with existing credentials and updating the 3-A SSI records, as well as renewing/amending your 3-A Symbol or Certificate.

3-A Symbol Overview

In this tutorial your will learn about the 3-A Symbol, the benefits of having it for your products, as well tips on how to obtain/renew/amend the 3-A Authorization. Please note that a more detailed tutorial on how to obtain a new Authorization is currently under development.

Third Party Verification (TPV)

In this tutorial you will learn about what is TPV, who will conduct the inspection, what will be inspected the key elements of the TPV inspection.

Proper Use/Display of the 3-A Symbol

Here you will learn how to display 3-A Symbol on equipment, corporate websites and promotional materials, as well as general terms of use.

Buyer Beware: Is it really '3-a?'

in this tutorial you will learn why is it important to know if it is really “3-a, how to find 3-a symbol/certificate holders in the 3-a online database. you will also see examples of unauthorized use the 3-a symbol.

CCE Portal

this training is specifically designed for 3-a ssi certified conformance evaluators (cces) to help them navigate the new cce portal in order to submit tpv reports and create / manage 3-a authorizations.