Hygienic Equipment Design


2.0 Basics of Hygienic Equipment Design

The purpose of this training module is to provide basic principles of hygienic equipment design for equipment that will be used to produce or process a wide variety of products for human consumption, as well as pet foods. This content is based on the principles of hygienic design and the terminology found in 3-A Sanitary Standards and 3-A Accepted Practices.



2.1 Advanced Hygienic Equipment Design: Materials & Surface Finishes

The purpose of this training module is to provide equipment designers and specifiers with advanced hygienic design knowledge on the materials of construction and surface treatments. Hygienic materials’ selection will be explored for metals and non-metals commonly used for product contact and non-product contact surfaces. The Module will address surface finishes, as well as the selection process for surface treatment methods to optimize corrosion resistance, wear, durability, toxicity, and hygienic safety. To improve your learning experience, we strongly recommend to purchase the latest version of the 3-A Sanitary Standard for General Requirements, 00-.